Pride and Prejudice (Episode 1)

Pride and Prejudice, I have decided, will NOT be one of the many dramas I wait for to end before I actually start watching. This will be our last drama with our lovable Choi Jin Hyuk before he leaves us for two years in order to fulfill his duty as a Korean man. I really wish Korea didn’t have  conscription but the men must defend their country. Maybe, someday within our life time, the Korean War will officially be brought to an end and there will be reconciliation. Until then all we can do is wait and be sad every time one of our biases is sent away to the military.


I know that I am not the only that has the feels!! The next two years will be very sad!


So… I will try to enjoy all things Choi Jin Hyuk until he makes his triumphant return! Now… let us review the show!

I have to admit that I was quite confused when I first heard of the name for this new drama. When I think of Pride and Prejudice, I think about the Jane Austen novel. Before I read any synopsis on the show or read any actual information on the show, I imagined it was going to be a Korean take on the novel set in modern times. That, if you think about it, would not be a bad idea! I would totally watch it! However, this show is about prosecutors. DramaFever gives us this as their synopsis:

“When a high-profile case lands on his desk, ace prosecutor Koo Dong Chi (Choi Jin Hyuk) is tasked with whipping his scrappy team into order, including rookie Han Yul Moo (Baek Jin Hee), a rising star who’s driven to serve justice. But given his curious romantic history with Yul Moo, an even greater battle of wills emerges outside of the courtroom: on top of fighting for blind justice, both Dong Chi and Yul Mool struggle to fight against being blinded by love in this comedic blend of the head and the heart.”

This sounds interesting enough. However I was still confused as to why the show was called Pride and Prejudice. I think summed it up best by saying that it was “about how pride and prejudice can lead people to make the wrong kinds of decisions. And those decisions can be a matter of life and death.” Then I realized that the name really does make sense in this context.

Lets meet the cast… shall we? (I’m naming them based on the order listed on DramaFever)



(Although Choi Woo Shik, Jang Hang Sun, Jun Hye Sung, and Son Chang Min  are not in this particular picture we will still discuss their characters as they are still part of the show.)

Choi Jin Hyuk plays Goo Dong Chi, a master prosecutor with 10 years experience, and is obviously the male lead character! Hooray! However, I do want to bring up the stark contrast many of you will notice between Goo Dong Chi and oppa’s previous character, Choi Daniel. If any of you watched the Korean version of Fated to Love You (starring Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra), you will probably remember how much you loved Choi Daniel (and how torn you were between Choi Daniel and Lee Gun and how impossible it was to choose between the two). Choi Daniel was patient and understanding and kind and everything you could possibly want in a romantic partner. Forget that… because when you meet Goo Dong Chi you meet someone who is the POLAR OPPOSITE of Choi Daniel. Goo Dong Chi is arrogant, a straight up jerk, and somewhat sleazy. When you are first introduced to him ad watch the first interaction between Goo Dong Chi and Han Yeol Moo, you will want to punch him in his most sensitive of parts. Is there hope for this character, we will discuss that in a minute!

Baek Jin Hee plays Han Yeol Moo. Although I am glad she is not a push over and is not afraid to speak her mind and fight for justice, I am somewhat afraid that they are going to make her the type of character that lets her feelings get to her and cloud her judgement. Although she is a rookie, she seems to be passionate about what she does. I want to see how her character grows before I make any judgments. I really do hope she isn’t made into a weakling! This is a woman on a mission! She is here to serve justice and seek revenge… I speak too much, so let us continue!

Choi Woo Shik plays Lee Jang Won, a two year prosecutor! Although Lee Jang Won has a bit of an arrogant attitude and shows real potential as a prosecutor I am not sure how big his character is to the story. DramaFever is usually very correct in the order of who stars in the dramas but I’m not too sure about this one. So far, he has had a few lines here and there but not much to warrant him being in the spot of the person that would generally be the second male lead. (Unless I am dead wrong about this… so correct me if I am wrong!) Although he has experience as a prosecutor, I can’t help but see Choi Woo Shik’s adorable baby face! He looks like a teenager! If anything, I really want to see Choi Woo Shik move up the ranks and out from playing side characters… just saying.

Choi Min Soo plays the departments chief, Moon Hee Man. If any of you have seen earlier episodes of Running Man(episodes 52, 53, 69, and 118), you might recognize him. He is one scary man in his appearances on Running Man and is known for playing roles that are very aggressive and manly. His character is a veteran prosecutor and when he is on the job and dealing with a crisis he is on top of it! However, when you first meet him you can’t help but think that his character is quite adorable and somewhat petty (in a very cute way). I don’t know if he is speaking dialect or if the way he speaks is hyped up honorifics but I’ll figure it out eventually. Either way, his character is extremely smart and precise at assigning cases to people. I think this character is going to be very interesting!

Lee Tae Hwan plays rookie prosecutor, Kang Soo. A big FYI to all the noona’s watching this show, Lee Tae Hwan is only 19 years old! I am 9 years older than him… that is just shocking to me! Kang Soo is (up until this point) a somewhat quite and reserved character. I can already feel the conflict that will begin when Goo Dong Chi realizes that there is competition around! This is also a character I want to reserve judgement until we are few episodes into the show. I don’t feel like I know too much about him to make a fair assessment.

Jang Hang Sun is the awesomest and is like a big cuddly harabeoji! He plays Yoo Dae Gi! I love how he takes care of those around him. He is smart and has been a prosecutor for a very long time! I want to see what the rookies and Goo Dong Chi will be able to learn from him! I’m sure that he is a very wise character!

Jung Hye Sung plays the other female prosecutor in the show, Joo Gwang Mi. Although her part is not big, I can’t help but feel she is a bitch! Really… the way she introduces herself to Han Yeol Moo made me want to slap her! I guess she is kind of like Yeol Moo’s senior but does she really need to be that much of a meanie?!?! I will give her the benefit of the doubt and wait to see if I can find out more about her.

Son  Chang Min is a character that is introduced in episode two. As far as I know, he is two of three things: an informant, Kang Soo’s neighborhood bum, or Kang Soo’s appa! I am very doubtful of him being Kang Soo’s appa though. He is a criminal and was released from prison. I’m sure this dude can not be trusted and will cause problems. Hopefully we get to learn more about him as time goes on! His characters name is Jung Chang Gi.

Episode 1:

Episode one was quite unexpected! I didn’t realize there would be so much going on in the first episode! Episode one is where we meet the majority of the characters (with the exception of Jung Chang Gi). In the opening of the episode, we meet Han Yeol Moo and Goo Dong Chi. We are given some information on their past relationship but not much! We also get to see Goo Dong Chi act like an absolute jerk! I mean seriously… what kind of guy asks a girl “Do you want to do it?”?!?! Like, really?!?!?! We get to see that their relationship is less then amicable but at the same time interesting. Han Yeol Moo is out for revenge and will stop at nothing to get it, even if it mean working under the person she hates. We are also introduced to the rest of the cast, and more importantly… the second male lead!

Warning: YOU WILL SUFFER FROM SECOND MALE LEAD SYNDROME! (I swear… he has such dreamy eyes!! It is too much!!)

During the first episode we are face with a complicated set of crimes: a flashing pervert, a pedophile, and a kidnapping! To make matters worse, we have two criminals that conveniently have each others back through a bogus transaction. Through the investigation we see Goo Dong Chi take advantage of his superiority over Han Yeol Moo by making her do things just because he can. We also see him act like an absolute jerk when he blurts out his history with Han Yeol Moo to Kang Soo and followed by Dong Chi teasing her for almost crying! GOO DONG CHI IS SUCH A JERK!!

During two of the interrogation scenes with the flasher, the flasher tries to show his junk Han Yeol Moo but Kang Soo steps in to protect her fragile little eyes from Mr. Creeper!  He shows some serious potential as a second male lead and although not intentional, shows a great deal of interest for Han Yeol Moo throughout the episode. It was during the second attempt at flashing Han Yeol Moo that we see a slight glimmer of jealousy come out of Goo Dong Chi!

Thankfully the case (or cases) were resolved!

Towards the end of the episode, we get to find out how Goo Dong Chi and Han Yeol Moo met initially. We even get to see a human-like side to Goo Dong Chi when he describes his first encounter with Han Yeol Moo. He goes as far as comparing meeting Han Yeol Moo to an explosion. Kang Soo unintentionally blurts out that he knows what Goo Dong Chi means and that spark another hint of jealousy from Goo Dong Chi. This is going to be a very interesting triangle.

Something is really weird with Han Yeol Moo and Goo Dong Chi! I don’t understand their hatred for each other and up until now all I know is that Goo Dong Chi messed up when she confessed her feelings to him.

EYE CANDY ALERT: Thank you to the writers and pd-nims of the show for the unnessecary and yet very enjoyable look at Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Tae Hwan without a shirt! (Yes, I realize that me checking out Lee Tae Hwan is wrong because I am nine years older but I can’t help it!) Also… pay attention to when Kang Soo throws a can of beer at Goo Dong Chi because it is funny!! I won’t complain but yeah… it takes a second. Just watch!

Episode reviews for the next three episodes will be out this week! I will try to get them up after each episode! Episode 2 review will be up tomorrow!! (I need sleep!!)


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