A Werewolf Boy Review

WOW! I am speechless!! This movie, if you have not yet seen it, is a beauty! Awesome story, awesome characters, and stunning cinematography! 10 out of 10 Golden Stars!!

Synopsis (from the back of the dvd case):

“An elderly woman is summoned back to Korea and the remote countryside cottage where she spent a tumultuous time in her youth. There, she is overwhelmed by memories of a feral, mute orphan who the family took in… only to discover he was a creature never meant to exist.

Damaged by life’s struggles herself, the beautiful, young Suni is patiently determined to tame the “wolf boy” who repays her kindness with unparalleled devotion. When a threat to the girl brings out his bestial instinct, he becomes the target of the villagers fears.

To save his life, Suni must abandon him, but promises to return… Is it possible that he continues to wait for her?”

Seriously… this movie was awesome! The story line is great, the progression in the story is great, and the acting is pretty awesome too. The movie does have a few scenes that will make you cry your eyes out (or I’m just a cry baby… seriously)! I feel like this story is about compassion, compromise, and understanding. The transformation and the hardship that both Cheol Su and Suni go through makes this a must watch movie!!

Lets talk about the three main characters, shall we?



WARNING: YOU WILL NOT LIKE SUNI WHEN YOU FIRST SEE HER!! OMG… she has a temper and is easily annoyed. It’s her attitude towards the house and the neighbors and the way she speaks to her mother (and the way her mother speaks to her) what really annoyed me about her in the beginning. However, considering the fact that she has medical issues, can not attend regular school, she has no friends, and the fact that her father passed away… I think I would also be a grumpy child! Finding this out made me feel more sympathetic towards her.

Cheol Su (aka the Werewolf Boy)

cheol su

Cheol Su is a feral boy with extraordinary abilities!! Although he is mute and is unable to communicate, he is NOT stupid and is more than willing to learn. Cheol Su is the kind of character that will instantly make you have some maternal instincts. This character shouldn’t be a character you fall in “love” with because the story line isn’t exactly a romantic one (not in the conventional sense at least). He is quite adorable and protective of his new family. His interactions with the children and with Suni are unique but always managed to put a smile on my face!

Cheol Su and Suni


The interaction between these two is unique. This isn’t romance in the conventional sense but there is a special bond between the two that is very loving. Initially, Suni doesn’t like Cheol Su because he of the way he is (wild, unpredictable, unable to communicate). She finds a way to compromise and ends up teaching him how to behave and starts teaching him how to write and speak. She is able to come out of her shell and form a beautiful relationship with Cheol Su and Cheol Su learns how to behave in a more human like manner. I really love how they end up helping each other out!! It isn’t a forced relationship! They protect each other when there is danger!! Let’s just say that I love them together!!

Ji Tae


OK… so where shall I start with this jerk face?!?!?! I honestly HATE him!! Which is what is supposed to happen! I mean… he IS the villain in the story!! He is arrogant, a pervert, cruel, a liar, and straight up evil! His ultimate goal is to have his way with Suni and kill Cheol Su!! I like Yoo Yeon Seuk in “Gu Family Book” BUT OMG did I hate him here! He is a rich kid with such a horrible attitude. I honestly did not feel bad for the kind of punishment he faces!!

Watch this movie… you will NOT regret it!

Just a few more months before Song Joong Ki is back! YAY!!


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