Eishindo Jelly Cups Review

I was kind of hungry today so I decided to go to the Korean grocery store near school to pick up some snacks!! (I’m a big girl… so yeah!)

I bought a few different drinks (posts will come soon enough) and the Eishindo jelly/jello cups!!

I’ve heard of the jelly snacks in a few Korean shows but the one show that usually come to mind is “The return of Superman”. Sarang loves these little snacks (although I am sure the brand is different) so I decided to try them out.

Also… who doesn’t love to watch Sarang eat?!?!


There are four flavors in total…


…strawberry, pineapple, orange, and apple.

The consistency of these jello cups is similar to the jello cups you get in the dairy section of the grocery store but just slightly wet.

Strawberry: I wasn’t sweet and it really didn’t have much of a strawberry flavor to it. I know it is artifical flavoring but… yeah. This one kinda sucked. 0 out of 4 stars!!!

Pineapple: 1 out 4… doesn’t taste like pineapple!!

Orange: 0 out of 4… NO orange flavor found here!!

Apple: 1 out of 4… WHERE IS THE APPLE?!?!?!?!

OK… I HAVE TO BE HONEST!! These things suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There really is no distinctive taste between the four. You really aren’t eating a flavor but a color.

Ingredients: (On the actual package) Water, agar-agar (Japanese and vegan friendly version of gelatin),  sugar, fructose, glucose, citric acid, fd&c red #40, fd&c yellow #5, fd&c yellow #6, fd&c blue #1, fd&c yellow#5

The distributor includes flavoring on their label which includes the “flavors” already listed!

YOU CAN’T EVEN TASTE THE SUGAR!!! I really hope I just found the crappy version of these jelly snacks!! I am so disappointed!!



Pictures borrowed from: http://asiansupper.com/theslurp/asian-snack-attack-eishindo-mini-cup-jelly



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