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Pride and Prejudice (Episode 1)

Pride and Prejudice, I have decided, will NOT be one of the many dramas I wait for to end before I actually start watching. This will be our last drama with our lovable Choi Jin Hyuk before he leaves us for two years in order to fulfill his duty as a Korean man. I really wish Korea didn’t have  conscription but the men must defend their country. Maybe, someday within our life time, the Korean War will officially be brought to an end and there will be reconciliation. Until then all we can do is wait and be sad every time one of our biases is sent away to the military.


I know that I am not the only that has the feels!! The next two years will be very sad!


So… I will try to enjoy all things Choi Jin Hyuk until he makes his triumphant return! Now… let us review the show!

I have to admit that I was quite confused when I first heard of the name for this new drama. When I think of Pride and Prejudice, I think about the Jane Austen novel. Before I read any synopsis on the show or read any actual information on the show, I imagined it was going to be a Korean take on the novel set in modern times. That, if you think about it, would not be a bad idea! I would totally watch it! However, this show is about prosecutors. DramaFever gives us this as their synopsis:

“When a high-profile case lands on his desk, ace prosecutor Koo Dong Chi (Choi Jin Hyuk) is tasked with whipping his scrappy team into order, including rookie Han Yul Moo (Baek Jin Hee), a rising star who’s driven to serve justice. But given his curious romantic history with Yul Moo, an even greater battle of wills emerges outside of the courtroom: on top of fighting for blind justice, both Dong Chi and Yul Mool struggle to fight against being blinded by love in this comedic blend of the head and the heart.”

This sounds interesting enough. However I was still confused as to why the show was called Pride and Prejudice. I think summed it up best by saying that it was “about how pride and prejudice can lead people to make the wrong kinds of decisions. And those decisions can be a matter of life and death.” Then I realized that the name really does make sense in this context.

Lets meet the cast… shall we? (I’m naming them based on the order listed on DramaFever)



(Although Choi Woo Shik, Jang Hang Sun, Jun Hye Sung, and Son Chang Min  are not in this particular picture we will still discuss their characters as they are still part of the show.)

Choi Jin Hyuk plays Goo Dong Chi, a master prosecutor with 10 years experience, and is obviously the male lead character! Hooray! However, I do want to bring up the stark contrast many of you will notice between Goo Dong Chi and oppa’s previous character, Choi Daniel. If any of you watched the Korean version of Fated to Love You (starring Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra), you will probably remember how much you loved Choi Daniel (and how torn you were between Choi Daniel and Lee Gun and how impossible it was to choose between the two). Choi Daniel was patient and understanding and kind and everything you could possibly want in a romantic partner. Forget that… because when you meet Goo Dong Chi you meet someone who is the POLAR OPPOSITE of Choi Daniel. Goo Dong Chi is arrogant, a straight up jerk, and somewhat sleazy. When you are first introduced to him ad watch the first interaction between Goo Dong Chi and Han Yeol Moo, you will want to punch him in his most sensitive of parts. Is there hope for this character, we will discuss that in a minute!

Baek Jin Hee plays Han Yeol Moo. Although I am glad she is not a push over and is not afraid to speak her mind and fight for justice, I am somewhat afraid that they are going to make her the type of character that lets her feelings get to her and cloud her judgement. Although she is a rookie, she seems to be passionate about what she does. I want to see how her character grows before I make any judgments. I really do hope she isn’t made into a weakling! This is a woman on a mission! She is here to serve justice and seek revenge… I speak too much, so let us continue!

Choi Woo Shik plays Lee Jang Won, a two year prosecutor! Although Lee Jang Won has a bit of an arrogant attitude and shows real potential as a prosecutor I am not sure how big his character is to the story. DramaFever is usually very correct in the order of who stars in the dramas but I’m not too sure about this one. So far, he has had a few lines here and there but not much to warrant him being in the spot of the person that would generally be the second male lead. (Unless I am dead wrong about this… so correct me if I am wrong!) Although he has experience as a prosecutor, I can’t help but see Choi Woo Shik’s adorable baby face! He looks like a teenager! If anything, I really want to see Choi Woo Shik move up the ranks and out from playing side characters… just saying.

Choi Min Soo plays the departments chief, Moon Hee Man. If any of you have seen earlier episodes of Running Man(episodes 52, 53, 69, and 118), you might recognize him. He is one scary man in his appearances on Running Man and is known for playing roles that are very aggressive and manly. His character is a veteran prosecutor and when he is on the job and dealing with a crisis he is on top of it! However, when you first meet him you can’t help but think that his character is quite adorable and somewhat petty (in a very cute way). I don’t know if he is speaking dialect or if the way he speaks is hyped up honorifics but I’ll figure it out eventually. Either way, his character is extremely smart and precise at assigning cases to people. I think this character is going to be very interesting!

Lee Tae Hwan plays rookie prosecutor, Kang Soo. A big FYI to all the noona’s watching this show, Lee Tae Hwan is only 19 years old! I am 9 years older than him… that is just shocking to me! Kang Soo is (up until this point) a somewhat quite and reserved character. I can already feel the conflict that will begin when Goo Dong Chi realizes that there is competition around! This is also a character I want to reserve judgement until we are few episodes into the show. I don’t feel like I know too much about him to make a fair assessment.

Jang Hang Sun is the awesomest and is like a big cuddly harabeoji! He plays Yoo Dae Gi! I love how he takes care of those around him. He is smart and has been a prosecutor for a very long time! I want to see what the rookies and Goo Dong Chi will be able to learn from him! I’m sure that he is a very wise character!

Jung Hye Sung plays the other female prosecutor in the show, Joo Gwang Mi. Although her part is not big, I can’t help but feel she is a bitch! Really… the way she introduces herself to Han Yeol Moo made me want to slap her! I guess she is kind of like Yeol Moo’s senior but does she really need to be that much of a meanie?!?! I will give her the benefit of the doubt and wait to see if I can find out more about her.

Son  Chang Min is a character that is introduced in episode two. As far as I know, he is two of three things: an informant, Kang Soo’s neighborhood bum, or Kang Soo’s appa! I am very doubtful of him being Kang Soo’s appa though. He is a criminal and was released from prison. I’m sure this dude can not be trusted and will cause problems. Hopefully we get to learn more about him as time goes on! His characters name is Jung Chang Gi.

Episode 1:

Episode one was quite unexpected! I didn’t realize there would be so much going on in the first episode! Episode one is where we meet the majority of the characters (with the exception of Jung Chang Gi). In the opening of the episode, we meet Han Yeol Moo and Goo Dong Chi. We are given some information on their past relationship but not much! We also get to see Goo Dong Chi act like an absolute jerk! I mean seriously… what kind of guy asks a girl “Do you want to do it?”?!?! Like, really?!?!?! We get to see that their relationship is less then amicable but at the same time interesting. Han Yeol Moo is out for revenge and will stop at nothing to get it, even if it mean working under the person she hates. We are also introduced to the rest of the cast, and more importantly… the second male lead!

Warning: YOU WILL SUFFER FROM SECOND MALE LEAD SYNDROME! (I swear… he has such dreamy eyes!! It is too much!!)

During the first episode we are face with a complicated set of crimes: a flashing pervert, a pedophile, and a kidnapping! To make matters worse, we have two criminals that conveniently have each others back through a bogus transaction. Through the investigation we see Goo Dong Chi take advantage of his superiority over Han Yeol Moo by making her do things just because he can. We also see him act like an absolute jerk when he blurts out his history with Han Yeol Moo to Kang Soo and followed by Dong Chi teasing her for almost crying! GOO DONG CHI IS SUCH A JERK!!

During two of the interrogation scenes with the flasher, the flasher tries to show his junk Han Yeol Moo but Kang Soo steps in to protect her fragile little eyes from Mr. Creeper!  He shows some serious potential as a second male lead and although not intentional, shows a great deal of interest for Han Yeol Moo throughout the episode. It was during the second attempt at flashing Han Yeol Moo that we see a slight glimmer of jealousy come out of Goo Dong Chi!

Thankfully the case (or cases) were resolved!

Towards the end of the episode, we get to find out how Goo Dong Chi and Han Yeol Moo met initially. We even get to see a human-like side to Goo Dong Chi when he describes his first encounter with Han Yeol Moo. He goes as far as comparing meeting Han Yeol Moo to an explosion. Kang Soo unintentionally blurts out that he knows what Goo Dong Chi means and that spark another hint of jealousy from Goo Dong Chi. This is going to be a very interesting triangle.

Something is really weird with Han Yeol Moo and Goo Dong Chi! I don’t understand their hatred for each other and up until now all I know is that Goo Dong Chi messed up when she confessed her feelings to him.

EYE CANDY ALERT: Thank you to the writers and pd-nims of the show for the unnessecary and yet very enjoyable look at Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Tae Hwan without a shirt! (Yes, I realize that me checking out Lee Tae Hwan is wrong because I am nine years older but I can’t help it!) Also… pay attention to when Kang Soo throws a can of beer at Goo Dong Chi because it is funny!! I won’t complain but yeah… it takes a second. Just watch!

Episode reviews for the next three episodes will be out this week! I will try to get them up after each episode! Episode 2 review will be up tomorrow!! (I need sleep!!)


Why you should watch these dramas! (Part 2)

I just finished watching The Master’s Sun and it was unbelievable. If you have not yet watched this…DO IT NOW! DramaFever has this under their romantic comedy section (also included in their action/thriller and horror section). This is DramaFever’s synopsis:

The Hong Sisters, famed romantic-comedy screenwriters, flirt with horror in this unique take on opposites. Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) is a rapacious CEO who is only concerned about money. His secretary, Tae Gong Sil (Gong Hyo Jin), is a dark and reticent insomniac who is burdened with the ability to see ghosts. Joong Won and Gong Sil are an unlikely duo in every regard, but they share one thing in common: they are both intensely crippled personalities that need a lot of help. Can the money hungry Joong Won recognize priorities beyond the dollar sign, and can the lonely Gong Sil ever live a life without fear? Together, strange as it may be, it’s possible in this unique dance between yin and yang.

The Hong Sisters are famous for their brilliance and I honestly can not wait to see more from them!

Now for my review and why YOU should watch The Master’s Sun:



seo ji sub

So Ji Sub plays Joo Joong Won and does a marvelous job! He does well playing an arrogant and mean chaebol! While not nearly as mean as other chaebols we have all experienced before in Korean dramas, Joo Joong Won is understandably cold and distant. There are moments where Joo Joong Won is adorably mean… I mean come on… KKEOJYEO!!


We get to see him transform from this demanding, arrogant, and calculating chaebol that cares little about anything that doesn’t involve money to a person that is willing to compromise and give in to others. This change is NOT easy but the fact that Joo Joong Won, in the end, is willing to let go of his limitations for the woman he loves is very commendable. The change isn’t what we have seen in other dramas where the character goes from being a jerk to being Mr. Perfect but I do appreciate that he is willing to change for love. He is willing to follow Tae Gong Sil into her world and even risks his life for her! So Ji Sub’s acting was awesome and I can’t wait to see more from him! Is anyone else as happy as I am knowing that we no longer have to worry about So Ji Sub leaving for the military?!?! Isn’t he handsome in his military uniform?!?!




Gong Hyo Jin plays Tae Gong Sil and I have to say that I absolutely loved her! I loved how laid back her character was and how relaxed the wardrobe was for her character. I mean… how many times do you get to see the lead female characters in tshirts and jeans or oversize nightgowns that say “JESUS SAVE ME”?!?! I loved it! I also liked how relatable her character was for me!  I’m sure we all felt an unexplainable attraction and need for our first loves (although we may have not actually stalked our way into the heart of our very first love)! Her need for Joo Joong Won is immense and she is willing to do whatever it takes to be by his side…even if it means being Joo Joong Won’s 10 Billion Won Radar! Her character, aside from her fear of the ghosts she deals with, is not a pushover and isn’t impressed by a person’s wealth. She sees a person for who they are and not necessarily for what they could offer (although she does use Joo Joong Won as her defensive shield to make the ghosts go away)! It is fun to watch Tae Gong Sil drag Joo Joong Won in her world of ghosts and I loved how she was able to get him to open up and make his life a lot brighter. G0ng Hyo Jin is currently starring in “It’s Okay, Thats Love” so make sure you show your support for Gong Hyo Jin and watch that drama! (Review for her new drama to come soon!!



This is actually the first drama I watch with Seo In Guk in it so I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. The only thing I have ever seen him in was K.Will’s “Please Don’t” music video and his performance was perfect! So perfect I cried with the video (partly because of the message behind it and partly because you could sense his pain)! The video was beautiful and EVERYONE should watch it! Again, this is my first time seeing Seo In Guk act and I have to admit I was impressed. He plays Kang Woo and is head of the security team at Kingdom. His character is a little shady and deceives Tae Gong Sil but he too falls for her quirky charm. He was technically supposed to be the second male lead but I never got the “feels”! I never really felt that Kang Woo would be a better match for Gong Sil but I did appreciate his attempts at protecting her. It would have been slightly better for his character to have only been more of an “oppa” figure than a potential romantic partner. For example, watching Boys Over Flowers I honestly could honestly see Jan Di ending up with Ji Hoo. In Masters Sun however, Kang Woo never really stood a chance. Yeah, Joong Won may have occasionally felt slight jealousy in the beginning but he never actually see’s Kang Woo as a threat. It might just be me but that how I feel about the character. I am glad that he does find love in the end. Seo In Guk did an awesome job but I do hope his other dramas can surpass his performance in Masters Sun!



Kim Yoo Ri plays Tae Yi Ryung (aka “Little Sun”). Her character was catty, bratty, and every once in a while annoying BUT that was the point! This is the first time I watch anything with Kim Yoo Ri but she did an amazing job! Celebrities are supposed to be bratty and demanding and she  plays the character perfectly! I am actually excited to see more from Kim Yoo Ri! Tae Yi Ryung is a former classmate of Tae Gong Sil’s and is out to be a mean and as catty as possible to Gong Sil! She falls for Kang Woo but stands on the sidelines as she watches him fall in love with Gong Sil and not her. I felt bad for Tae Yi Ryung’s character because, although she is bratty is hell, she was a perfect match for Kang Woo. I was actually cheering for Kang Woo and Tae Yi Ryung to hook as soon as I figured out she was into him! (OMO… SORRY FOR THE SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED IT YET!) Either way… I will be keeping an eye out for more from Kim Yoo Ri.

The story:

The story was phenomenal and will keep you wanting more! The ending, however, seemed rushed but I am positive that could have been fixed had they been given one more episode (at a minimum). The romance isn’t cheesy or over the top and the comedic side to this isn’t too crazy! The comedy comes from the situations themselves and from Joo Joong Won’s constant use of the phrase “kkeojyeo”! (I swear that So Ji Sub is too adorable!) The ghosts can occasionally be scary until you learn their stories and you see Tae Gong Sil go out of her way to help them! This drama gets a 10 out of 10! I love the Hong Sisters so I am a bit biased!


Why you should watch these dramas! (Part 1)

First of all…


….long time no see!! (I love T.O.P.!!)

Ok… lets get started! I know that I haven’t been writing anything lately and I honestly feel bad! So… from the bottom of my heart…미안해 and 내가보고 싶었어!


SO… I was recently able to catch up on a few dramas and I even managed to begin watching a few new dramas! I also sneaked in one new (new to me) Korean movie thanks to DramaFever. I my opinion helps YOU decide whether or not you should watch any of the following:


1. You Are All Surrounded

This series was perfection. DramaFever has this under their “comedy” section but I’m not 100% sure that is an accurate genre description. Yes there was comedy but the story itself had drama. I’m not sure if it exists or not but I would like to call this series a Comedic Drama (idk…).  If you already watch K-dramas then you will be familiar with at least three of the cast member: Lee Seung Gi (Gu Family Book), Cha Seung Won (Athena), and the adorably baby faced Ahn Jae Hyun (My Love from Another Star).


I have yet to watch anything from the other actors but they each played their part beautifully and I am excited to discover more of their acting! Although this may sound selfish, I really hope we can see Lee Seung Gi in one more series before he sent off into the military.


Now my review on the series itself! The series itself was quite shocking! For the first time the romance was put on the back burner and I was okay with that. I think I can speak for many when I say that the most important thing we demand from our Kdramas is the romance! We want it and we need it! There was romance and even jealousy but it wasn’t everything to the story itself. The only other series I can think of at the moment that didn’t have a romantic story line is Vampire Prosecutor 1 and 2. In this series, Lee Seung Gi’s character, Dae Gu, is out for revenge after having witnessed his mother’s horrible murder! He dedicates his life to this and makes sure to go as far as making sure that he gets as close as possible to his biggest enemy (and suspect number one), 팀장님 Seo Pan Seok  (played by Cha Seung Won). Throughout the series we follow Dae Gu’s character in his search for the truth and his life as a policeman. We also get to know his team members on a more personal level which helps us understand their personalities. My favorite thing about this series is that you really don’t know who is suspect and who is trustworthy. I also really enjoyed the fact that you aren’t left hanging when it comes to each characters motives! I give this series a 10 out of 10 because it kept me coming back for more, it was not overly romantic, it was action packed, there were many laughs to be had, and just the perfect amount of feels that any action/crime/comedy/drama combination series should have!

ON A SIDE NOTE: One thing that I will applaud this show for doing is pointing out the struggles of the LGBTQ community in Korea. While it wasn’t a big part of an episode it the fact that this show (and many others) and putting this out there and making a conscious effort to maybe educate and try to bring a positive change to Korea. I love Korea and I am happy to see that the younger generations are taking it upon themselves to change the way they think about the LGBTQ community. This change is happening not because of international pressure but because the younger generations want this!


Jo Kwon… The Queen

I’m sure many 2AM, K-Pop, and JYPE-stans are aware by now that the ssanti king, Jo Kwon, is going to be in a musical titled “Pricilla, Queen of the Desert”. Along with Jo Kwon will be actors Jo Sung Ha, Go Young Bin, Kim Da Hyun, Michael Lee, Lee Ji Hoon, Lee Joo Gwang, Kim Ho Young and Yoo Seung Yeob. The cast will rotate depending on which days the show is on.

From what I’ve read, it makes sense to have a rotating cast especially when, according to AllKpop, there will be 28 musical performances and 261 wardrobe changes! That is a hell of a lot of work to have one set of cast member doing all that every night!!

For those of you who have not seen the 1994 cult classic or have yet to watch one of the many Broadway adaptations this is what the play will be about:

“Based on the popular 1994 film of the same name, Priscilla Queen of the Desert follows two drag queens and a transsexual who buy a run-down old bus (they call it Priscilla) and set out on a road trip across the Australian Outback when one of them, Tick, is invited by his ex-wife to perform his drag show at her far-away resort. However, Tick is hesitant to tell his friends, Bernadette (a former performing icon who’s best days are behind her) and Adam (a rambunctious young troublemaker), his own personal reasons for taking the trip. During their journey, the trio encounters an array of Australian citizens, some of who aren’t receptive totheir lifestyle, while strengthening their own friendship.” (

Here are some of the promo shots for the South Korean remake:




And of course you can’t forget to highlight the star Queen in all her glory:



Jo Kwon will be starring as Adam, a gay male drag Queen, and I can’t imagine anyone else who would fit this role better. Now, this isn’t because Jo Kwon is the epitome of ssanti or that I “secretly” think that Jo Kwon is gay. Jo Kwon is Jo Kwon and that is that! The reason I say that the producers of “Priscilla” made an excellent choice is simply because Jo Kwon has talent and is fierce and I know he will slay the audience with his performance! But of course, we have to take into consideration that this production is taking place in South Korea and we all know that homosexuality is still very much taboo in South Korea. So it was only a matter of time before the haters and anti’s started making a fuss about Jo Kwon play a gay character!

The two messages from Jo Kwon are as follows:

To the critics:

No matter what anybody says, I prepared and studied extremely hard for this role,” he said in relation to his character in the musical. “Portraying feelings through the lyrics is not different from what I do as a singer, but the musical is a lot more dramatic.  I can only be expressive as long as I fall deeply into the character and so I am becoming more and more immersed every day. My Adam will be the sexiest Adam.  Look forward to it!”

To the haters:



It makes me happy to see that, although slowly, change is coming to South Korea in the form of acceptance and tolerance. This is why I don’t hold old school South Korean views of homosexuality against them. Things will change and someday soon people will no longer be afraid to be who they are. Celebrities will be able to openly express themselves and be what their creator made them out to be! THERE WILL BE NO FEAR!

I know Jo Kwon will be a success and I am sure that the brave men who have conquered controversial characters in the past are standing behind Jo Kwon and the rest of the cast cheering this production on!!

Shout out to our other Queen… Hedwig aka Kim Dong Wan


Two Weeks 투윅스: Episode 3

Like T.O.P. would say.. long time no see!! Image So thanks to school and work and life (kinda) I’ve been taking waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to watch “Two Weeks” but I will try harder to fit everything in nicely and work a little harder on my schedule. (Also… trying to write with a gif of T.O.P. constantly turning around to stare is quite distracting!) So now here I go reviewing (or spoiling) episode three of “Two Weeks”. So again (like in most k-dramas) we are given a recap of the last episode.  This was more of a recap of the last two episodes buts ok.  I like that with each new episode we get more details on Tae San and In Hye’s relationship.  This time, however, we get more of a look into the conversation they had at the cafe. Again, while I understand In Hye’s feelings (you can’t blame her for the way she acts towards Tae San), I can’t help but start to feel a little annoyed with how blatant it is. It might be the fact that we are slowly starting to see a human side to Tae San but until I’m going to wait on changing my opinion just a little longer.  Change, obviously, does not happen overnight. Back to the show! Thanks to this massive pile up Tae San is able to escape in a motorcycle. Meanwhile, ahjussi is having a isht fit because he got not confession and this is made only worse by the fact that he escaped! Jae Kyung also just found out that Tae San is a suspect in the murder of Mi Sook. Weird moment: So while escaping Tae San starts to take notice of all the cameras in the intersections. Korea is really good with keeping cameras EVERYWHERE (at least according to kdramas). However, I am totally confused by the inclusion of a scene from “No Country for Old Men” (the only reason I know this is because of my boyfriend). That was probably the most random thing I have scene in a kdrama (besides Choi Siwon spewing random english gibberish in “King of Dramas”). Image Does Tae San escape? Yes! Right as they are putting up the blockades! Obviously he HAS to escape! There is just no other way! Our boy must find a way!! Jae Kyung, on the other hand, is trying to explain the situation to her boss and trying to convince him of letting her handle the case. She knows that Tae San is innocent and is almost sure that Moon Il Suk (who from here on out has lost the title of President Moon Il Suk for being a man child) had something to do with it. Part of the explanation include explaining the investigation she has done on Jo Seo Hee and Moon Il Suk. These two apparently go back since (maybe before) 2005 (in Busan). They both moved to Seoul around the same time and managed to create two public companies without almost no help at all. Which, from what I gather, is quite the task in Korea. She realizes that Mi Sook’s death is partly her fault and wants to be the one the find the culprit (although I’m not sure whether or not she believes if Tae San did it or not). BAHAHAHAHAHA!! So the evil duo is meeting up to discuss their plans on pretty much destroying Tae San! MY GOD… it is hilarious how Jo Seo Hee has to spell everything out for Moon Il Suk. His response to her telling him to go manipulate some public defender is “Oh, wow, you’re so smart!”. HOW DUMB IS MOON IL SUK?!?!?! I honestly have zero respect for him as a villain! Image Jae Kyung finally gets examine the scene only to find no camera. This made only worse by the fact that she receives a phone call from her boss telling her that she is off the case. Why? Because Jo Seo Hee manipulated the state attorney to drop her from the case!! Also, Jo Seo Hee is one weird woman! Although, I now get the feeling that Moon Il Sook is starting to grow a back bone. His “henchmen” mention the fact that they no longer need to take care of her image. I am starting to suspect that he will try something at the charity event. That will be very interesting! Go Man Suk, on the other hand, got information about the murder and Moon Il Suk’s relationship with Mi Sook. Unfortunately he won’t be able to tell Tae San… yet!  At least one other person knows the truth!! Tae San is trying to escape by any means necessary! Motorcycle, dirt truck, bicycle, on foot! He even manages to steal some power tools and clothes! I feel bad for him! Soo Jin, on the other hand, almost got busted! She isn’t supposed to know that a man, let alone Tae San her appa, is the donor! Good thing she knows how to lie!! (Although I probably shouldn’t be condoning her lying to her mother… but she loves her papa so it’s ok!) So off all places for Jae Kyung to find the pawn shop receipt: Mi Sook’s bra! This is the one thing she is banking on to convince Han Jung Woo (her boss) to allow her back on the investigation. New background information on Jae Kyung: She became a prosecutor about eight years ago in order to investigate Jo Seo Hee and Moon Il Suk and their connection (and involvement) into her father’s death. I’m wondering if this is why they know who she is or if they only know that she is investigating them. Thankfully the boss and Jae Kyung are wiling to put it all on the line for this! Ok… so it is established that Jae Kyung thinks that Tae San is guilty of killing Mi Sook. She just sees him as Moon Il Suk’s dog and someone that is willing to do anything Il Suk says. However, Tae San taking the fault to get money would only make sense IF Tae San had a family which, technically speaking, he doesn’t. He grew up as on orphan so he really doesn’t have anyone. While I am sure this was mentioned in the past, it only add another dimension to Tae San. He didn’t grow up in the best situation and because of that was susceptible to the “easy life”. I like dramas that slowly reveal information instead of giving you EVERYTHING up front or giving you very little and making you come to your own conclusions! (Although the latter isn’t always a bad thing.) I realize that Tae San is an escaped suspected murderer BUT do they really need to Korean equivalent of like the National GUard to help? Just saying… Buuuuuuuuuut now I get the reference to the “No Country for Old Men” scene. It is pretty much the same thing that is going on in this episode! It is a HUGE man hunt for Tae San! Will he be able to escape this time? Stay tuned for the next episode!!

Two Weeks 투윅스: Episode 2

Episode 2 starts off with a recap of what happened in Episode 1 with Tae San finding out about his sick daughter, Soo Jin, and waking up next to Mi Sook’s dead body. Episode 1 was quite exciting! I still have mixed feelings about Tae San as a whole. I don’t know whether or not to dislike him for being an a**h*** OR if I should wait for the rest of the series until I form a better opinion of Tae San.

Honestly… how freaked out would you be if you woke up like this next to a dead body…


Also… is it just me or does this ahjussi’s smile….


…look alot like like the super seXXXy and charismatic ahjussi/oppa Jung Woo Sung’s smile?



Wow…new info! I really didn’t see that coming!! So it turns out that ahjussi (I’ll be nice and start using his name, Im Seung Woo) is a homicide detective. He is supposed to be on vacation but is called in after the police “discover” Mi Sook’s body! Obviously someone called it in… who ever that someone was is framing Tae San!!

Tae San is in custody on suspicion of homicide so why on earth would the police want to rip Ting Ting up searching for drugs!?!?!?!? That would have been a total injustice… just saying!!

Funny Moment 1: Rookies are so adorable! They always ask dumb questions!! So much for the rookie cop being excited about the murder scene!! Poor kid!!

Awesome quote: “Blood is like a victim’s tears. She’s crying loudly asking us to resolve her injustice.” – Det. Im Seung Woo

So… President Moon Il Suk is a puppet master! He can control people to do his bidding… even making them serve prison sentences for him. Also, I’m not sure whether or not Moon Il Suk’s threats to kill both Tae San and In Hye had anything to with the way he broke up with her. Maybe… this treat made him force him into trying to force In Hye into an abortion. Think about… it would have been hard on him to know that his girlfriend is raising a child on her own while he is serving someone else’s prison sentence! Oh the intrigue!!

SO… Mi Sook wasn’t chosen simply for liking Jang Tae San!! She betrayed Moon Il Suk by talking with the prosecutor AND by like Jang Tae San! Apparently Moon Il Suk liked Mi Sook! Wow… Moon Il Suk is a crazy bastard!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaand dang!! Jo Seo Hee is one cold bitch!! Nevermind about Moon Il Suk being the puppet master!! Jo Seo Hee is the queen!! She is the COMMANDER! I would not want to get on this womans bad side!!

OMG!! Flashbacks are awesome!! They showed how Tae San and In Hye met!! It is so adorable!! He accidentally touched her boob trying to figure out whether or not she was a statue! The look on his face was priceless!! Love at first sight is such a precious thing!

Moon Il Suk is such a bastard! His way of “fixing” things is by sending someone into jail to kill Jang Tae San! I swear… the more and more I watch this show the more I lose the “respect” I have for Moon Il Suk! Lets face it, being a “mafia” boss is hard business but this dude is such a screw up!! Jo Seo Hee is NOT going to be happy! I am starting to see him more as a manchild than anything else.

MAN SUK TO THE RESCUE!  Tae San really needs to think about the camera! With everything that is going he probably already forgot about it! I really hope that Man Suk will bring the camera up.

Jae Kyung is back from her business trip and is only now seeing the message from Min Sook and is just finding out about the fact that she has been murdered! (This explains the crazy emotional breakdown she has!!)

Slight side note: I love how Soo Jin pretends to NOT know who her donor is! She is one cheeky little girl!!

Ok so what I’ve gathered is that the investigation into Jo Seo Hee and Moon Il Suk has NOT been authorized and I am almost positive that the use of Mi Sook as an informant (or undercover person) was also not authorized! This is gonna get pretty crazy!!

Oh and the accident! This is Tae San’s only chance to escape and somehow prove his innocence! OMG!! The tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soo Jin has inspired our Tae San to want to live like a human!

And now the countdown begins! Will Tae San be able to prove his innocence? Will Jae Kyung find Tae San on time? Will Jae Kyung be able to destroy Moon Il Suk and Jo Seo Hee? And most importantly, will Tae San be able to save his daughter?!?!

Who knows?! (Except people who have already watched the series!! )

Two Weeks 투윅스: Episode 1

Wow… so I watched the entire episode wanting to do a complete breakdown of the episode but that was REALLY long! Also, if I am to entice anyone else to start watching any Asian dramas (especially Korean), I can’t exactly give EVERYTHING away… can I?

Episode 1 starts off in a chaotic way. There was absolutely too much information given and it was somewhat hard to keep up with everything going on. We get shown the main cast but you really aren’t told who is the good guy and who is the bad guy/woman and…
it’s just chaotic as hell! There is a ride in the police van for the main character, a woman having an emotional breakdown, threats are made, and truths are being kept! ALL OF THIS in the span of like one minute and thirty five seconds!Oh and did I forget to mention a massive pile-up thanks to Miss Emotional Breakdown!?!

I’m not sure if all of this information is there to make us think one way or the other… you decide!

So, after all this chaos, we are slowly being introduced to the main cast and some adorable side characters (adorable in the fact that they are pushovers and slightly dorky… although being a pushover is never a good thing). Soo… lets meet the cast and establish the relationships that are to develop or breakdown through out the series… or if anyone else has seen this particular series then please explain if I got something wrong!!

Our male lead, Jang Tae San, is played by Lee Joon Ki.



So we are introduced to Jang Tae San in a poker game. He seems like a charismatic enough young man. He obviously isn’t a rich kid and might end up being some sort of trouble maker. His personality, however, is a bit confusing. A charismatic lower class kid? A gangster? A “host” (that no one would actually object to)? A total douche? I don’t know yet!

Also… we are introduced to one of the villains of the show, President Moon Il Suk. I’m, at this point, assuming that he is president of this well-established club. This particular scene tries to show how cold hearted and cruel President Moon Il Suk is and it does a fairly good job.



How good of job, you ask? Madam Jeong is one of his hostesses. After losing everything she has because of her pimp (actual word used in the subtitles), she tries to runaway to Japan but is captured by President Moon Il Suk’s men instead. After being brought back to the club, an angered President Moon Il Suk proceeds to question Madam Jeong followed by slapping her and ordering his men to punish her!


Then, for added cruelty, the men are ordered to give her “good” medical treatment THEN make her wash dishes!! Talk about one cruel bastard!

I am going to assume that this girl’s character will be fleshed out a little more throughout the series. I don’t know what her purpose is other than she is involved with President Moon Il Suk. So much that he is willing to open a bakery for her.



First funny moment so far… the fact that Jang Tae San is a prostitute… kinda!

ALso… some information is revealed regarding Tae San and the President. Apparently he went to jail TWICE instead of President Moon buuuuuuuuuuuut I am sure that will be explained at a later time.

Side character: Tae San’s roommate. He is so adorable and such a pushover!! Tae San is such a jerk with him! Poor Go Man Suk!!

New character: Oh Mi Sook


She obviously has a crush on Tae San! It’s so cute!! Too bad Tae San isn’t giving her the time of day!!

Seo In Hye is introduced shortly after this although it is quickly established that their relationship is less than amicable (and that is putting it as nicely as possible!!).



She confesses she has a daughter who is sick with acute leukemia but doesn’t tell him right away that the girl is his. He sort of figures this out after she says that her daughter is eight years old. Flashbacks show just how much of an asshole Tae San is! He is beyond shocked to find out that she went ahead and had the child. Although I like that Korean dramas and Korean artists are touching on more and more taboo subjects, watching someone trying to force his girlfriend into an abortion was pretty hard! I realize that an unwanted child could be seen as a sort of burden but forcing someone into that is just wrong!  (Side Note: K.Will did a remarkable job bring up the subject of homosexuality in his music video for “Please, Don’t” and Gain did an incredible job when she brought up the subject of rape in her video “F*** You”. Check both of these videos out if you have no yet done so!)

Let’s lighten up the mood with a new character! Seo Soo Jin!


An adorable and playful little kid just trying to have fun! She is at the hospital waiting for a bone marrow transplant although there is no donor!! She, unfortunately, knows that without a donor she will die. What she tells the ahjussi is beyond heart breaking!! (Ahjussi will get a proper introduction when his character has more development. He is only dating Soo Jin’s eomma!)

At the hospital, we seem In Hye’s being a sort of basket case, although in her defense her child is sick and most people would be worried and anxious about their children. She doesn’t realize that her nervousness is affecting her child. Hopefully she can calm down after the donor is found! (Which I am hoping is Tae San!) Also, although it has been eight years she still hasn’t let go of the past. Who can blame her? She was in love with Tae San and telling him about the pregnancy destroyed their relationship! Also, you can’t blame her for hating Tae San considering he DID try forcing her into an abortion!!

New Character introduction: Jo Seo Hee



This woman starts off as a highly loved and respected member of her community. She sort of reminds me of a soccer mom with how nice she is!! Her kindness is almost nauseating!! People in the community love her so much they want her as Mayor but she declines and talks about retiring from politics. Her character is a little shady though. She is somehow mixed up with President Moon Il Suk. They are scheming something!! I am not entirely sure what it involves but at this point, I am assuming it is drugs that are being smuggled in concealed in pottery.

Jae Kyung is also introduced (picture not included). She is an investigator(?) and is on Jeo Seo Hee’s tail and has a HUGE whiteboard (almost like CIS style). She is friend with Mi Sook and has her videotape Moon Il Suk’s conversation with Jeo Seo Hee.

Later on in the episode, Tae San shows up at the hospital for the blood test and hesitantly meets up with In Hye. He attempts to ask questions about the procedure and about Soo Jin’s condition only to be shot down repeatedly by In Hye. She hatred for Tae San might eventually get in the way of Tae San maybe getting to have a relationship with Soo Jin.

Funny(?) part: Tae San asking himself what made In Hye change!! I’m sorry but she has a right to be spiteful especially after he tried forcing her into an abortion!!

In Hye bans Tae San from meeting Soo Jin but as luck would have it, they run into each other. He feels a connection to the child after she taps her foot (especially since thats exactly how he taps his foot). Soo Jin immediately recognized her dad and calls him daddy and this FREAKS Tae San out and he walks away!! Her interaction with Tae San is beyond adorable!! She even gives him her little toy gorilla, Ting Ting, under the condition that when she gets better he has to return the gorilla back to her. Priceless!! His cold heart melts with an air pinky promise! It is just so precious!!

(Also, I understand how he feels in the bus! It’s only when you want something really badly that you start to notice it all around! He sees this in the form of families walking or playing together. I hope seeing Soo Jin will change his priorities and make him want to fight to be with his daughter. I realize that he didn’t want her at first but people can change, right?)

Meanwhile, Min Sook is being tailed and wiretapped by people (presumably President Moon Il Suk’s people). I think that hey are on to her about filming the conversation!!

At the hospital In Hye is given the news that Tae San is a perfect match for donating bone marrow to Soo Jin. Tae San calls in to ask just as In Hye finds out the news. Before he leaves for the hospital Min Sook walks in desperately trying to pawn to camera. At the hospital, Tae San finds out her condition and gets prepared for the surgery! His reaction and excitement about saving Soo Jin is great. I really think this could all be a turning point in Tae Sans life.

Somehow, within a few hours Min Sook is freakishly sick and want Tae San. Tae San being in the greatest mood of his life decides to go. This however already smells of set up! Including the fact that the guys “beneath”him are talking crap behind his back! Not to mention to evil smirk the other dude had!! Walking into Min Sooks house he gets knocked out!! WTF?!?!?! A while later Tae San wakes up in a pool of blood with a dead Min Sook lying next to him. (I am not sure why on earth he would hold the knife but ok!!) OMFG!! I am really worried about him!!

Ok… Soo Jin breaks my heart!! In Hye tells her they found a donor and the little girl breaks down because she was so afraid!! That is horrible!! I am so glad Tae San can be the donor!!

OK… I realized this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long! I also went into more detail than I should have! I will cut it back for the rest of the series! I PROMISE!