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Eishindo Jelly Cups Review

I was kind of hungry today so I decided to go to the Korean grocery store near school to pick up some snacks!! (I’m a big girl… so yeah!)

I bought a few different drinks (posts will come soon enough) and the Eishindo jelly/jello cups!!

I’ve heard of the jelly snacks in a few Korean shows but the one show that usually come to mind is “The return of Superman”. Sarang loves these little snacks (although I am sure the brand is different) so I decided to try them out.

Also… who doesn’t love to watch Sarang eat?!?!


There are four flavors in total…


…strawberry, pineapple, orange, and apple.

The consistency of these jello cups is similar to the jello cups you get in the dairy section of the grocery store but just slightly wet.

Strawberry: I wasn’t sweet and it really didn’t have much of a strawberry flavor to it. I know it is artifical flavoring but… yeah. This one kinda sucked. 0 out of 4 stars!!!

Pineapple: 1 out 4… doesn’t taste like pineapple!!

Orange: 0 out of 4… NO orange flavor found here!!

Apple: 1 out of 4… WHERE IS THE APPLE?!?!?!?!

OK… I HAVE TO BE HONEST!! These things suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There really is no distinctive taste between the four. You really aren’t eating a flavor but a color.

Ingredients: (On the actual package) Water, agar-agar (Japanese and vegan friendly version of gelatin),  sugar, fructose, glucose, citric acid, fd&c red #40, fd&c yellow #5, fd&c yellow #6, fd&c blue #1, fd&c yellow#5

The distributor includes flavoring on their label which includes the “flavors” already listed!

YOU CAN’T EVEN TASTE THE SUGAR!!! I really hope I just found the crappy version of these jelly snacks!! I am so disappointed!!



Pictures borrowed from:


The Tamarillo

Hello people that visit this blog… sorry for the lack of posts! Life for the next three months is gonna be quite hectic (although… I might have 10 days in July to catch up on all my dramas and about 4-5 days in August to do the same). I’m trying to squeeze in time to do a lot with very little time to do it!! (I can now hear the world’s smallest violin playing the world’s saddest song just for me… boo hoo!!)


So where was I… oh yeah… I went to the grocery store and found an odd looking fruit (it has seeds in it therefore it is a fruit… right?).  It is called Tamarillo and I happened to find the red variety!


This odd little piece of fruit comes from New Zealand and has many uses! According to

“A relative of the potato, tomato, eggplant and capsicum pepper, the tree tomato is native to Central and South America.  Listed among the lost foods of the Incas and known as the ‘tomate de arbol’, tree tomatoes have all but disappeared from their native habitat. Tamarillos were first introduced into New Zealand from Asia in the late 1800’s.  Originally only yellow and purple-fruited strains were produced.  The red tamarillo was developed in the 1920’s by an Auckland nurseryman from seed from South America. Other red strains appeared soon afterwards and continued re-selection of these by growers has led to the large, high quality varieties being grown commercially today.”

Uses for this odd ball fruit:

“Tamarillos are highly versatile in the kitchen.  They can be served raw, poached, fried, grilled, casseroled or baked.  Try them as sauces, pureed for dessert toppings, as colourful garnishes, and even as table decorations.”

So this is the it looks like on the inside:

Image  Image

It smells a little tomato-y ( I know… that is not a word but it’s the only thing I can think of at the moment). I tried the red part (which is where the seeds are) and that tasted like actual tomato and the seeds are hard which makes me think you really aren’t supposed to eat the seeds. With tomatoes you can eat the seeds… at least that is what I have always done!

So… since this was weird I looked up the wikipedia page for this particular fruit and according to the Wikipedia page the taste is supposed to be:

“The tamarillo has been described as having a taste similar to that of a passion fruit and a piquant tomato combined.”

“The fruit is eaten by scooping the flesh from a halved fruit. When lightly sugared and cooled, the flesh is used for a breakfast dish. Some people in New Zealand cut the fruit in half, scoop out the pulpy flesh and spread it on toast at breakfast. Yellow-fruited cultivars have a sweeter flavor, occasionally compared to mango or apricot. The red-fruited variety, which is much more widely cultivated, is more tart, and the savory aftertaste is far more pronounced. In the Northern Hemisphere, tamarillos are most frequently available from July until November, and fruits early in the season tend to be sweeter and less astringent.”

Ok… seriously… the more I taste the more I taste tomato (a slightly bitter tomato). I’ve never tasted passion fruit so I can’t compare it to that. I will try it one of these days and I will…


Ok… so trying the second half with sugar… and the verdict… drumroll please


It still tastes like bitter tomato… only slightly sweeter now. Considering that these are supposed to be available between July and November I think I just got unlucky. I mean it is only the beginning of June. If I find this again in a month or so I will try it again! (I’m trying to write this and all I see is our adorable Minhyuk playing his drums! Isn’t he a cutie! CNBlue is awesome… check them out if you haven’t done so already! If you don’t know who CNBlue is then I can only assume you have been living under a rock or in a cave is some remote island in the middle of an undiscovered ocean! Just Kidding!!)

If you want more information on the Tamarillo please go the the website:

Or just look up the Wikipedia page.

Also, I’ve noticed that a many visitors to this are from very different parts of the world! It makes me happy that you guys have stumbled upon my page. I seriously started this little blog out of boredom and wanting to discuss Asian entertainment and International food! If you want… recommend some food from YOUR country for me to try! If I can find it on Amazon or some other website I promise to review it!! Or recommend a television series or movie from your country and if I can set some time aside I will watch it. Have fun and stay safe!

Snack and beverage Review aka Mini Lotte Haul

Ok… so my obsession with Korea is deep! Although, admittedly, this is an obsession I am wiling to live with for the REST of my life!!


One of my favorite things to do when I have free time (or when I can nag enough to make my boyfriend take me) is go shopping at one of two Korean grocery stores. The closest one is in Flint, MI and it’s call Seoul Market (the store at the bottom of the picture). Then there is mini-mecca… H-Mart! That store is a bit of a drive away and is located in Troy, MI. Not nearly the size of the H-Mart’s you would find in big cities like Houston, TX or Chicago, IL but it works and I am always one happy girl whenever I get the chance to go there!


So… after much arguing I finally nagged enough to convince my boyfriend, Eric, to take me to the store in Flint. (We both go to school in Flint so Seoul Market is just a short drive from where we have to go.) Normally when I go shopping at the Korean stores (or any specialty store) I never seem to have a plan and the trip always ends up being a HUGE compulsive shopping disaster (although always tasty)! I do try to have a plan and set a certain amount of money aside to spend but the only time budgeting works is when I go to H-Mart as opposed to Seoul Market. Seoul Market is more like a mom and pop shop and they don’t have their prices on the products or shelves and I’m not sure if I am getting charged random prices or not. Am I complaining… no! But it would help if I knew the prices so that I could maybe keep with a set budget. H-Mart, on the other hand, have their prices marked on both their products and shelves PLUS they have coupons and ads and it makes it sooo much easier to budget!

Now… back to the subject at hand… SNACKS!

So… like I just said, I never have a plan when I go to these stores and this trip wasn’t meant for buying groceries. I just wanted a snack and something to drink. I tend to pace the aisles at these stores until I am drawn to something then I buy and try! I do try to take a shopping list to H-Mart most of the time but that doesn’t mean I follow it. This time I only had $10 to spend and since I promised I would spend under $10 I was only gonna get one or two things. As for snacks… I couldn’t find anything I wanted to try specifically. I mean they had the usual stuff like Pocky, Yam Yam, and Pepero… the usual stuff that can be easily found in most large grocery stores and Target (usually in their $1 section by the registers). (Also, I wasn’t actually hungry so I wasn’t really craving anything and that made it hard to find something I wanted to eat!) I ended up getting Lotte’s Kancho (which I know for a fact sells at most Targets).


Taste: 9/10   Price: $1.00

First of all… Lotte is famous for making yummy snacks! You really can’t go wrong with a foreign snack if you see Lotte on the packaging. At least I have yet to experience a snack that is not to my liking! I’m only deducting 1 point because the package is somewhat small!! I don’t think this is sold in a larger package but thats ok since I am the only that is eating this!

Normally when I buy an individual drinks at Seoul Market I go with the usual… Ramune!


However… this time around I notice two new drinks I had not seen before!


The first drink I tried was the Milkis and I chose the strawberry flavored drink.


Taste: 8/10     Price: $1.00 (plus 10 cent deposit… I LIVE IN MICHIGAN!!)

Now for those of you unfamiliar with Milkis it is a combination of a carbonated soft drink and milk! I know… that sounds totally disgusting BUT don’t write it off before you even give it a try! The ingredients include: filtered water, sugar, powdered skim milk, carbon dioxide, strawberry flavor, yogurt flavor, and some more stuff. They come in 8oz cans and have 130 calories! I’ve saw this at H-Mart but it was being sold in multipacks and I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money on a multipack unless it was something I liked! The fact that it is milky pop is scary enough as it is! Flavors include: orange, strawberry, mango, melon, banana, and their classic flavor (which I’m assuming is just flavored like milk). I went the safe route and got strawberry. I’m not a fan of melon (honeydew melon to be specific) and I wanted something flavorful so I skipped on their classic flavor as well! The first two things I noticed when I did open it was the smell and the color (but I didn’t take a picture of that because I totally forgot to do that!). The strawberry smell is pretty strong and I don’t mind mainly because I really love how strawberries smell! The color, however, was not as milky as I thought it was gonna be. I was expecting to see carbonated strawberry milk (think skim milk with strawberry flavoring). It didn’t look like normal pop in that it wasn’t clearish like most light colored pops…the milk part of made it cloudy but not in a gross way. (Almost like a matte color as opposed to something shiny… does this even make sense?)! The taste was different and yet oddly familiar. I was a little scared because I knew it has milk so I was a bit cautious at first and it wasn’t until my second sip that it really caught my attention. It seemed a little too familiar so I had to make Eric try it out (he didn’t want to because I told him it was carbonated milk… he thought that was gross)! He tried it said it tasted like red pop! I have to agree… it tastes almost exactly like red pop! Eric gave it a 6/10 with red pop getting a 7/10 (he called it a slightly crappy version of red pop). This is the nicest thing he has ever said about one of my very random purchases!! YAY!


Then… there is the 2% drink!


Taste: 10/10    Price: $1.00 (and for some reason this also has a deposit charge even though it isn’t carbonated)

This drink also comes in 8 oz cans and is sold in multipacks at H-Mart although I don’t remember seeing them the last time I went. The only flavor I’ve seen online is peach so I going to assume that peach is the only flavor. This is NOT a carbonated drink! It is peach flavored water and has only 50 calories! So if you are health conscious and want something that is delicious then this is the drink for YOU! I’m not 100% sure why it’s called 2% but I am assuming that is the amount of peach in the drink itself (but that is just an assumption). This was soooooooooo delicious! It is water with the perfect amount of peach flavor. Personally… when it comes to anything that is peach flavored I tend to stay away. I tend to gross out with peach flavored anything because the taste is never right and its just ewwww! Peaches… I love those! Warning though… if you try this don’t freak out at the tiny tiny tiny bit of peach pulp that you might find in the drink itself! They use peach concentrate and you will find a very tiny amount of the pulp in the drink (almost next to nothing). Eric didn’t like this and was sooo grossed out by it! I loved it!! I might ask the ahjumma at Seoul Market to order me a case or two so I can take to work!

Inexpensive snacks and I am proud to say that I spent a little under 3.50 (deposit charge and maybe tax… not sure). I never get out of that store under $10 so this was a first! I did a celebratory dance in my head!

Chapagetti 짜파게티

OK… I am legitly obsessed with Korean ramyun! It is freakishly delicious, it is highly customizable, and it is the perfect snack when I am binge watching Korean dramas!

So…if you have ever watched any Korean dramas OR any of the first episodes for “We Got Married”, you’ll notice that Koreans almost ALWAYS buy jajangmyeon (자장면) when they are moving to a new house!

This is what the real stuff looks like:


I tried making Maangchi’s version of jajangmyeon but I failed and I am still in absolute horror at my creation (so much so that I am somewhat afraid of using fermented black bean paste)!!


Thankfully, however, there exists a way for me to eat a delicious meal that SHOULD be a staple in any k-drama fangirl(or fanboy)’s diet: jajangmeyon!

Nongshim makes amazing delights and are among one of many when it comes my favorite Korean ramyun brands. Like I said before, ramyun is highly customizable and you should have fun creating delicious meals with any of YOUR favorite ramyun flavors and brands! I am going to teach you MY version of jajangmyeon using Nongshim’s Chapagetti! (Warning: Since I live with my boyfriend and he has quite the appetite, I normally make a larger amount, so please adjust to YOUR needs! Also…measurements are NOT precise… it’s more of a… yeah, you’ll see!)

Ingredients you will need:

  • 2 packages of Nongshim’s Chapagetti


  •  1/2 pound pork (pork loin or pork belly works just fine), cut into small bite size pieces
  • a handful of baby carrots, chopped (I used the petite baby carrots… aka baby baby carrots)
  • 1/2 of an onion
  • about 1/2-3/4 cup of frozen peas (defrost the peas in some water while you chop stuff and drain them)
  • two-three stalks of green onions, chopped (only the green part)
  • 1/4 of a green pepper, chopped
  • Reserve 3/4 cup of the liquid from the noodles
  • Packets that come in the package (You should have TWO of each)
  • Optional: shiitake mushrooms (or brown or white button mushrooms… i’m sure the brown mushrooms have a proper name. No… I did not use mushrooms mainly because I forgot to buy some.)


Ok… the directions:

First of all… make sure you do ALL of your prep before you start cooking! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT cook your noodles before getting your sauce done because then you will have a disgusting lump of cooked noodles and NO ONE likes lumpy gross noodles! Trust me on this one… I have ruined ramyun a few times!

First… you are seriously gonna want to brown your pork! Now.. if you use pork belly (you know… that yummy stuff they use for Samgyeopsal-gui 삼겹살구이! The stuff you always see the broken hearted eat at the ahjumma tents drinking soju and making fools of themselves confessing their feelings at the wrong place and definitely at the wrong time… yeah… that stuff), know that it has a HIGH fat content! Not that it isn’t good… it is freaking delicious!! Browning pork belly won’t take a lot of time and won’t require any additional fats to brown. However if you use lean pork (such as pork loin), the fat content is usually very low… which means that you will use additional fats such as: vegetable oil, olive oil, canola oil (whatever you like… don’t use coconut or grapeseed or something weird and random… it might change the taste of the meal). Also, pork (especially pork loin), tends to release liquid when cooked so keep calm and brown your pork! So while you are browning your pork, halfway through the browning start boiling some water. The instructions call for about 2 cups of water per package.

Your browned pork should kind of look like this:


Remove the pork from the pan and add the carrots since these take the longest to cook! (Also… if you are left with a pan that has little to no oil… add a tiny bit extra OR use 1 packet of the oil that comes with the Chapagetti). This is also probably the time to start cooking your ramyun noodles… this really takes only a 5ish minutes (but depends on how you like your stuff cooked! Cook the carrots for a couple of minutes then add the onions and green peppers and saute for a few minutes! After that add your peas and saute for a few minutes. At this point it should look something like this:


Add the veggie packs (the white packets) and saute for about 3 seconds! Also… add your black bean sauce mix… it’s gonna look a little something like this:


Your noodles should be cooked by now so drain them and make sure you keep 3/4 cup of the liquid!!! DON’T THROW IT ALL ALWAY!! Ok… add 1/2 cup of the liquid  to the pan and mix. This part help dissolve the black bean powder and while you mix it will reduce a little bit. After about a minute, add the remaining liquid and the browned pork and mix it all up!


Cook it down just a tad bit more and then go ahead and do one of two things:

You can either put your noodles in a bowl and spoon over the sauce with all the yummy veggies and meat OR you can mix your noodles into the sauce itself (which is what I normally do).


Warning: If you choose to go with method number two… then I suggest you break the noodles in half when you cook them. It’ll be a whole lot easier to mix the sauce! If you don’t break them then the veggies and meat tend to not mix into the noodles as much as you or I would like them to!

Is this recipe unique… probably not! But I like it and you might like it too! And if you don’t like then as an apology here is a picture of Joo Won’s face covered in jajangmyeon sauce!